Hosts Cam Moon & Rob LeLacheur chat with those who have excelled in hockey and the world of business. The entertainment is plenty as we get to hear some terrific hockey stories from all of the different hockey leagues and some Stanley Cup tales for good measure. 

In addition to the great hockey stories, we chat about the career(s) they've enjoyed since leaving the ice and we get to learn how hockey has helped them through their time in business and entrepreneurship. 

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I could not understand why Cam seemed so stunned all the time until I remembered he was a goalie and took many, many shots to the head. 

Rob LeLacheur

Rob was a D-Man who played in front of me for many years. That would normally be a good thing except his butt was so big I could literally not see anything past him. 

Cam Moon

Lolly and Mooner (Rob and Cam) were great teammates and talking with them was always a fun laugh. I'd chat with them any time. 

All former teammates

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