#016 - Personal Branding - a look at Dave 'Killer' Carlson from the greatest hockey movie ever


Lolly and Mooner love to talk about hockey and business on the Top Cheddar podcast and figured what better way than to discuss elements of the great hockey movie every made…Slap Shot. 

Within the movie, there are many relatable business lessons. In this episode, Rob (Lolly) and Cam (Mooner) talk about the brand journey of Dave ‘Killer’ Carlson. 

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Top Cheddar is hosted by Cam Moon (Mooner) & Rob LeLacheur (Lolly) who chat with those who have excelled in hockey and the world of business. The entertainment is plenty as we get to hear some terrific hockey stories from all of the different hockey leagues and some Stanley Cup tales for good measure. 

In addition to the great hockey stories, we chat about the career(s) they've enjoyed since leaving the ice and we get to learn how hockey has helped them through their time in business and entrepreneurship. 

The Top Cheddar podcast is produced by Road 55, a content creation marketing firm located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. 

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