#42 - Terran Sandwith - 12 year Pro Hockey Career and Construction Leader

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Terran Sandwith enjoyed a 12-year professional hockey career (1992-2003), including time with the Edmonton Oilers in 1997-98.  He was the Philadelphia Flyers 2nd round selection in the 1990 National Hockey League Draft.  Sandwith played in various American Hockey League locations and spent a year with the Canadian National Team and was able to compete all over the world.  

Near the end of his pro career, Sandwith went to Europe, playing in Ireland, Finland and Austria.  Prior to becoming a pro, Sandwith spent a year in Junior B when he was just 14 years old.  He graduated to Junior A (Alberta Junior Hockey League) at 15, then from 16-19 played in the Western Hockey League with Tri-City, Brandon and Saskatoon.  

During his time in professional hockey, Sandwith began working on this education.  He graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management in 2002 from York University, then completed his Master of Business Administration from Queens University in 2015.  He is now the President of GS Construction, a company that Terran’s father started in 1974. 

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