WHL record holder Glen Goodall shares some amazing stories of his 20+ year pro hockey career.

Always fun to chat with a record holder on the Top Cheddar podcast. We were fortunate to have Glen Goodall as our most recent guest.
Head to Seattle and you’ll see his name hanging in the rafters and for good reason. He played six full seasons in Seattle, starting at the young age of 14 and he holds the WHL record for most games played at 399. He’s also the 2nd overall in all-time points with 573 points.
Glen, a Detroit Red Wings draft pick, enjoyed a professional hockey career that extended past twenty years. He played a significant amount of his pro career in the German hockey leagues and we had a great chat about his historical WHL career, pro career, thoughts on the new Seattle Krakens and chatted about his real estate business.
Glen lives in beautiful Sylvan Lake, Alberta and has his own Re/Max real estate team. To learn more about Glen, head to http://www.glengoodall.com/
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